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Winter White Concrete Countertops: Is White Kitchen Suitable for Exploitation?

concrete countertop pictures

White concrete countertops are in a very high demand nowadays. But many have doubts if this is a wise solution about having kitchens and concrete countertops of this color, as it is not quite practical for using at home, especially if homeowners have children. Well, we perfectly understand that white décor makes the interior look very elegant, fresh and clean. So, before making choice, you should carefully study the variety of pictures of concrete countertops and the same carefully think about their advantages and drawbacks.  

Of course, you’ve got to be a very brave person to take white color as the basic one for your kitchen, as it involves some additional work, but we are going to talk about it later. That is why in this article we will look through some pictures of concrete countertops of white color and consider their pros and cons.

In the kitchen every hostess spends much more time than it seems at first glance. Therefore, kitchen should and can please the eyes and deliver aesthetic pleasure. Nothing can refresh the interior as shades of white can. They can be chosen when buying countertops, wallpaper or sinks. However, white concrete countertops have always been popular.

In such case, there must be an obligatory combination of the countertop color with the general color scheme, for example, of wallpaper, facades and even a floor covering. It is this factor that gives a feeling of comfort and well-being in your kitchen. Lovers of a light color palette probably know that white color is not only very beautiful and elegant looking, but also requires constant attention. Having chosen light and white colors for kitchen, you need to be prepared for the fact that you need to monitor cleanliness more carefully.

White countertop in the kitchen or bathroom for many seems impractical and completely irrational choice, but this opinion is refuted. With time, following the simple rules, you won’t be faced with any problem concerning white countertops.

That feature, characteristic for white countertops, is their possibility to show all stains of food or other contaminations, which were left on the surface and not wiped on time. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that every stain is immediately wiped carefully from the surface of the countertop.

Especially it concerns drops of coloring products, like tea or coffee, juice of beet, concentrated juice or any other non-food product that can spoil white surface. Don’t be sure that white countertops are not afraid of bleacher. If a strong substance gets into the porous surface, there may not be a trace left from the surface material. Stains are formed as a result of corrosion of this drug.

Concrete Countertop Solutions

White concrete countertops pros

  •         Beauty of appearance

As it has been already said, white color is a very beautiful choice for a kitchen countertop, and that is why it is gains such popularity at present. On top of that, it is trendy and suits almost all colors. That means it will be very easy to change something in case you decide to change slightly the color theme. This gives you some more options when working with tiles, using appliances and different decorative bits. Moreover, you won’t have to buy new accessories, but just leave the existing ones.

  •         White is timeless

If the design and style is worked out right, white color is going to work both in traditional interiors or super modern ones. Also, white is easy updateable – you won’t have to worry about matching it with some other colors in the room, and that means less trouble for you. Even if there is a slight variation, it won’t matter. It will just make the room even more interesting.

  •         Ideal for small kitchens

When looking at pictures with concrete countertops of white color, you see that kitchen room becomes visually lighter, larger and brighter.

Small kitchens will definitely appreciate installing white concrete countertops, as it has the magical power to make a room visually bigger and fool our eyes with this illusion. As far as white is able to reflect and bounce light, it is a perfect way to enlarge your kitchen, without breaking the walls.

  •         Variety of shades

Concrete Countertop Solutions provides catalogue with concrete countertop pictures for you to see clearly all considerable advantages of white concrete countertops or the same ones but with lighter shades of white. When installing such countertops, it will result in fresh look, clean and crisp interior. Cleanliness is a great effect that white color has a power to achieve.

countertop in the kitchen or bathroom

White concrete countertops cons

  •         Cleaning is not easy

Kitchens have always been an area of high traffic, and that is why white is a color of difficult maintenance with cleanliness. With its fresh look, you also get some work to do and a try to achieve this clean appearance. Each spillage, each crumble will be clearly seen and you will have more cleaning than you thought.

  •         “Looks like hospital”

We can understand why some people don’t actually like white color in the kitchen. This is sometimes a reminder of hospitals, as white color is very sterile looking. As it was written above, white looks extremely clean. To be short, white is a clean killer for some people. Such reaction of people when they come home is not desirable, do you agree?

  •         Extremely big

Because of white color’s power to make small rooms visually bigger, some rooms can’t benefit from it, as they may look huge and extremely spacy. In fact, white color is very pleasant to look at, but it may reach the effect of you getting lost within the kitchen room. Probably, it would be better to have some other block color, but not white. Or, for instance, use some shades and textures, or involve other colors not to make your kitchen too large.

As it is seen from what was said above and from the pictures of concrete countertops, you have a lot of reasons to choose white kitchen countertops. To be frankly enough, cons and pros are quite equal in quantity, which is why no wonder if you prefer to stay away from white color.

Anyway, we hope that our article was of great help for your making decision about colors.

Post by home-tricks (2017-12-20 17:13)

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